Art & Technology Camp Offerings

Moving Through Shakespeare with Synetic Theater
Through exploration of Shakespeare, campers will expand their ability to empathize, whi​​le learning to build trust and expand listening skills through participation in theater games and improvisations.  Activities include experiments in rhythm and imagery, pantomimes, and playwriting experiments. Campers will gain experience performing theatrical works and applying creative processes in storytelling, playwriting, and acting.

Design and Build Camp with Tech Shop
Campers will experience using modern, professional software, engineering processes, and machines to solve problems and invent their own products. Campers will be exposed to new technologies including computer-based drawing software, 3D printers, laser cutters, and standard shop tools. Armed with the tools of the advanced manufacturing and design economy, campers learn to build confidence and to think critically about technical problems, and find real world solutions.

Paint Lab with ArtJamz Underground
Campers will study the work of painting masters, while learning the fundamentals of painting, including color, line, shape, form and texture.  In fun, hands-on painting experiments, children will paint their own Van Gogh landscapes, experiment with color and shape by developing their own Kndinsky Circles, create their own self-portraits using the Chuck Close technique, and learn about space and color through Cosmic Painting.

Rotating Art Camps with the Arlington Artists' Alliance
Campers will be exposed to various dimensions of visual art and creative writing on a daily rotating basis.

Self-Discovery Camp

This camp helps young people discover who they are, enhance skills in self-expression, and build their self-esteem. Campers will participate in guided creative coaching sessions and participate in creative games to help them become self-aware and gain practice expressing themselves creatively.

Superhero Drawing Fun

Campers learn to create photo-realistic drawings of their favorite superheroes, including Bat Man and Star Wars Characters. Using markers, campers will draw their favorite superheroes using exaggeration, expression, and movement in color through step-by-step drawing sessions.

Words and Binds

Campers will learn various creative writing techniques, including poetry and fiction.  As campers learn to become their own authors, they will work with a local bookmaker to design their own book that houses the writings they create during the camp. ​​​​​​​​​